Natural makeup look

In All About the eyes, Base, Primers and Concealers, Brushes, Lip service, Makeup Gurus on March 15, 2012 at 6:08 am

The one makeup look a woman should never miss out on is the natural makeup look, especially for office girls. I myself is an 8-5er, working long hours, its really hard to “face” the challenges. Makeup is not really required at where I work because it is an IT related industry. Nevertheless, I feel the necessity for makeup because it really does boost my confidence. Besides, I see no reason not to look good all the time.Looking good even sleeping is important, looking bad and poorly groomed is the real issue.

No one would really appreciate seeing someone so early in the morning in bright shades of green and purple eyeshadow. Unless the look you are aiming for is that you just got home from a party. It is important for every woman to learn how to play the shades of  pinks, peaches, whites, golds and browns.

Remember ladies, natural look require subtle touches of sweet colors and also minimize your eyeliners. I see every day these women who looks perfect and charming already with the sweetly blended pink shadows, until they will put on thick eyeliners. I would say, use eyeliners that are in shades of dark brown to light brown. Using the matte shadows in the Urban Decay Naked Palette as eyeliner is very good.

  • Time. I understand that not everyone is blessed with this. Even I, needed to rush in the morning sometimes. Nevertheless, don’t you know that to achieve a the best makeup look time is the best “foundation” you could ever have. I know you cannot buy, or maybe you can, but the longer you have time and without having the need to rush. You will have enough time blending and playing along with colors. I just see it wrong that most women would start their day applying makeup and stressing over it. Those are two exactly opposing moods! Beauty must be at ease!
  • You are your own natural. Admit it, your best friend’s natural look does not make yours. Your skin tone, your facial features and most importantly, your concept of your natural look should come from you. If someone does your makeup and tell you it is natural looking and indeed it is, however it feels heavy and just not comfortable. The you know the answer, it is not YOU.
  • Primers. I understand not everyone is really interested with this. If you wish to have a long lasting eyeshadow, esp. if  you are planning on using light pinks and peach and white, you would need this. Why? Those colors tend to fade faster. The purpose of the primer is to keep your shadow in tact. Believe, I never used it and have always used a concealer or  liquid foundation only, but I saw the big difference when i started using it.
  • Cheeks and Lips. No reds please. Use light pink, old rose or nude colors. This will make you look more classy and elegant. A bright red lipstick at noon time just doesn’t seem right. Nevertheless, if you are wearing a nice colorful dress and you think a bright lipstick will go along well. Then by all means do so.

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