Waiting to be Naked!

In All About the eyes on March 15, 2012 at 4:38 am

Well I have been itching to get the Naked or Naked 2 by urban decay for a very long time now. Been months waiting. Since there is no Sephora where I am and recently UD does not ship in my location I would have to wait until an angle finally decides to sprinkle my face some love.

And so it manifested. My bf’s mom Linda, living in the US, thought it would be nice to send me goodies for my birthday. Yes until this moment the other things in the 2kg box is a secret. However my bf did mention the word “naked” in the package. I couldn’t help my heart beating triple time. Until now the thought of the Naked palette sitting right on my makeup table is making so excited.

Nevertheless, the postal service where I live right now seems to be snailing more than a snail. We have been expecting for 2 days and up to this moment, nothing in the mail.

You know what happens next right? I would be reviewing the cosmetics in that box. I think I am more excited than a pregnant woman on her 9th.




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