Sephora’s brush for intense eye makeup

In Brushes, Lip service on March 16, 2012 at 2:21 am

So my package finally arrived yesterday. I still smile when I think of the Naked Palette I got. :) However, another nice thing Mom sent out was this Sephora Brush. I do have brushes by mac and other brushes I come across with. But this one is like a Fairy wand.

At first look – it looks ordinary and seems nothing special compared to brushes of the same shape.

At first touch – Yeah fibers seems like the same. Everything seems the same.

But wait til you use it! Omg, the bristles of the end for the crease, is just the right size. What amazes me is regardless you use it for a high-end makeup, or just a drugstore cheap makeup, the application is the same. The quality of makeup tint of course may vary. But the precision this brush claims is just precise!

Moreover, the bristles may not be what you expect. It loads just the right amount of shadow when you gently swipe in your palette. In short, this brush might be able to save us money on cosmetics. I love lip glosses over lipsticks, esp. for just a daily wear, I was send one, just the one at the far right. Tastes good. I do not really know if mom (ben’s) is reading my blog. Alright I think I will just mention it here. The reason I use different terms like, my boyfriend’s mom, bf’s mom, Mrs. Jones and mom  interchangeably because the blog might sound weird to some people that I know back in my hometown since my mama is already in a better place back in 2009. But I think I just got myself another one. :)

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