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In Brushes on March 16, 2012 at 4:28 am


So, continuing with all these new goodies, Mrs. Jones also sent me a set of Soho brushes. Really love them. Although if she would have had the chance to see all my brushes she might have thought twice. However, I would like to emphasize, that brushes are important and having plenty is not a problem. You would eventually need them all. Esp. if you are like me who loves to do different kinds of look.

Well, this is going to be my first ever SOHO, bristles wise, they are very soft and nice, but i do not see anything more special in them. Nevertheless, the smudging brush that goes with it is one of the must haves. If you like smokey eyes then you need one of this to create a more dramatic and neatly blended smokey look.

I do like smokey looks, but being a monolid, a smokey eye look can either turn into an extremely good look or a disaster. Without the eye crease defined, it is hard for a monolid like me to identify where the crease define shadow will fall. However, there is one guru I love in youtube, also have a blogsite / website,, her monolid smokey tutorials are very good. I must say for a monolid she is very brave to try out some looks.

  • Unused brushes. If you are a collector like me, you must be surprised that you have too many unused brushes that just tends to wither. I know, its like you cannot let go of them but cannot use them either. To avoid this, what I did is I stopped buying brush sets. Today, I only buy when I realize or remember I needed a certain brush and I will buy it piece by piece. A set can be nice, but can also be a very heavy spending.
  • Cleaning your brushes. I have seen many gurus in YouTube and their tutorials on how they clean their brushes. Girls, if you have brushes less than 10 please do not buy expensive brush cleaners. Your own shampoo and conditioner can clean your brushes. Doing so, you do not need to worry because you will sure not be allergic to it the next time it touches your face. Sometimes, I would substitute on mild dish washing liquids or would clean using soda water and my Loreal Shampoo. Just make sure you do not use anything with bleach or laundry detergents. This will dry the bristles and ruin it.

This is me for now on brushes and hope you click on subscribe. :)

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