Finding the truth about the false. Makeupadviser on False eyelashes

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False Eyelashes

Im all over it! I love false eyelashes and I think everybody should too! False eyelashes is yet another fun way to make the windows to the soul more soulful. I have experimented on mine a lot. Wearing from sparingly to thick eyelashes. I do not have a favorite, although the time of day will dictate my preference.

Day Lashes

For extensions worn during the day. Use lashes that are not thick, if you have the solo strand or lashes that seem to be in solo clusters it will produce a more natural look. Natural looking eyelashes worn during the day creates a more dramatic natural look. Demi-lashes are also ideal in some cases, if the demi-lashes you choose are not too long and not too thick.

Night Lashes

Play with it! I actually think that what makes lashes pretty depends on the outfit. Your eyes would look more appropriate and flattering if your eyelashes are not too long and with strands widely gap. This look would always look better if you apply mascara to blend the false lashes with your real lashes.

Party Lashes

Have fun, recreate looks and wear lashes that will suit your outfit. Depending on the crowd, you can wear lashes as thick as you want or even how long, if you feel adventourous even those with studs and with long strands.


Well here is the trickiest part. Your adhesives must always be hypoallergenic and food grade. Your eye can be injured if you settle for cheap adhesives and unknown ingredients. Please always buy in makeup stores and drugstores. In asia, these can be found sold by vendors in almost anywhere and the names can be from Chinese to Japanese or American. I have noticed that most of them are copies! So you are unsure what is in it. Beware and always buy the ones that are safe. The health of your eyes must always be first!


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