Revlon Colorstay

In All About the eyes, Uncategorized on March 17, 2012 at 5:09 am

Recently, I have really been trying out most Revlon foundations, as I do not really indulge much on their other products. Not that I do not like, it is just that I haven’t tried it out yet. Can it be that I am obsessing on foundations? Perhaps, the idea of a beautifully toned skin is much more appealing than other things. I like edgy looks on occasions, however, I am a girl who will settle with a light and neutral colors. So I got paid yesterday and I thought why no reward myself some goodies, although I know there are several gifts that just came. I have been Using Revlon New Complexion and Revlon PhotoReady interchangeably for some time. My Revlon PhotoReady is in the brink of last few pumps and passing by the drugstore shop I thought why not pick up one as I fix my eyes on the Revlon Kiosk. Oh woman! Men think of sex and we think of colors and powders and pink. <laughs>

Instead of bagging the PhotoReady I settled for the ColorStay I have not tried before. Just before check out the saleslady told me that the lipsticks are on sale. Buy 1 take 1, so why not?

Fridays nights have not been quite a party for me lately and makes me feel a little too old since I and my BF only frequents a bar nearby and have not really gone anywhere else. Work and studies kind of pinned us to a routinized Monday to Friday. Nevertheless, I myself being a makeup maniac, still manage explore different looks on occasions and mixing and matching outfits.

Last night was rather the same, but what is not the same is my foundation. believe me girls, Colorstay, is really staying! I have had a great night, in an open hot and humid night and hours passed by and my makeup stayed as it was.I didnt even have to retouch even a light bit of powder. I think Kim Kardashian is using the same, or her stylist insists on it.

So this is for now on foundations. I would be going out look for some gizmos necessary to improve my website. :) Do not forget to comment guys!

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