The Lines of Beauty

In All About the eyes, Uncategorized on March 17, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Eyeliners play an important role in women’s makeup routine. Eyeliners define eyes and enhances the eye makeup used. Nevertheless, eyeliner can be a little too tricky at times. With the wrong product beauty can turn ugly. Skin type is not necessary in finding out the right eyeliner for you, because it is only used in a tine space of skin. But the weather does play the most important part whether you will be able to hold it in place or it will melt and turn you to a racoon.

Being a monolid, this has been the most challenging for me. However, I did learned from my mistakes and let go of those eyeliners that doesn’t really work for me. Regardless of price.

There is a multitude of products out there. The most common must be the eyeliner pencils. You might be surprised if would recommend using 2 different eyeliners 1 for the top lashline and the other for the undere lashes. Why? Well here is the deal, putting black eyeliners or anything dark on top and lining the bottom with the same shade sets a boundary to your eyes. This gives you less room to play with colors and highlights. It can make your eyes look closed and too sharp. Unless you are aiming an Adora Bratbat look, which I do sometimes. Use a dark line on top and lighter at the bottom.

White eyeliner is a must. Remember that white lightens up the tone of your eyeshadow and can make you look a bit more lively. Learn how to play with the white eyeshadow on your under eye tearline, this will add a touch of glow in your look.

If you live in a cold place, play with cream eyeliners and gel eyeliners, can even use it on your undereyes. Nevertheless, if your in a hot and humid climate, please avoid using this. It will melt as the product tends to absorb moisture and melt down. You would look like a racoon or at worse, can make you look like as if Marilyn Manson just did your makeup. Not really very nice if you are wearing a very girly doll dress. This happened to me today. I am so stubborn and used a japanese brand eyeliner. When I checked the mirror I have broad dark circle lines under my eyes.

How to create different looks with eyeliners will be coming out soon. Please keep on checking my blog. xoxo

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